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Radio is Ignoring “Pre-Awareness”

In Hollywood, they call it "pre-awareness." It's the idea that you're already familiar with the concept of the movie, thus the studios don't need to waste those precious marketing resources making you familiar with the concept. Even before you see it, you know enough about it to know you really want to see it. It's why so many of our cinematic tentpoles are followed by roman numerals, and why international territories in particular (the source of 70% of Hollywood's revenues) are eating them up. In television, CSI spawns CSI: New York and CSI: Miami. In music, hits are produced by … [Read more...]


The Future of Radio is Visual

As media mix and match, as edges smudge and barriers topple, it's inevitable that the original audio medium becomes enhanced with pictures and even video. Not only will this be more engaging to consumers, but it will be more valuable for advertisers. Case and point: SoundCloud. This week the company announced a beta "Pro Partner" tier for uber-content makers, rolling out with folks like Snoop Lion, Red Bull Sound Select, Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist, The Grammys, Kevin Smith’s SModcast, KQED, and more (from what I can tell, the new features are only present on Snoop's content for … [Read more...]


Kevin Smith should be on the Radio

Kevin Smith is most famous as a movie director and writer – the creator of films like Clerks, Chasing Amy, Dogma, and the recent Red State. But I wanted to talk to him because of his radio work – or, more accurately, his podcasts. With more than 300,000 monthly downloads of some shows, merchandise, live performances, TV spinoffs and more, Kevin has built an entertainment mecca. Isn’t this exactly the sort of personality radio needs to tap into? Listen to my conversation with Kevin: [iframe … [Read more...]


A Podcast is an Ad for Everything Else we Do

I'm on vacation this week, so my posts will be sparer and pithier than usual (I can already hear some of you mutter "good news!").  But this one I couldn't resist.... Filmmaker and celebrity podcaster Kevin Smith in USA Today: Podcasting doesn't pay the bills, directly "Stuff comes out of it. The podcast itself is like an advertisement for everything else we do." This is almost exactly the same thing Adam Carolla told me about his celebrity podcast.  And it's much the same thing that Gary Vaynerchuk told me about his online videos. In the world of these upstarts (the world we all … [Read more...]


AOL’s Late Night Podcast Promotion Begins

AOL Late Night.... The radio initiative that should have been and never was. Three of the most popular podcasts (you know, those shows that service the same needs that radio shows do) are now exclusively on AOL. I griped about this earlier this week, so 'nuff said. Meanwhile BrandChannel.com reports AOL also just hired Heidi Klum and Full Picture Entertainment, the production company behind Project Runway, to produce “engaging video content, inspiring articles, addictive blogs (and) instructional photo galleries" for the site. This is called the "content business." And … [Read more...]


AOL is in the (Radio) Talent Business Now

Dear Radio Industry: Please explain to me why this deal is being done by AOL instead of you: AOL will on Monday launch a late-night video block featuring highlights from podcasts by director Kevin Smith and comedians Adam Carolla and Kevin Pollak. "The idea is to take these very popular podcasts with their very rabid audiences and find a platform-appropriate way to create a programming block," said Amber Lawson, AOL's head of programming. "We want to tap into their audiences and create video content that is consumable in one- to five-minute chunks." ...AOL will likely add more … [Read more...]

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