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Pandora is Moving on Local Radio Revenue. Everybody Freak Out!

Pandora's chasing local ad dollars.  Everybody freak out! I know and like Pandora critic Mary Beth Garber, but it's time for the critics to take a chill pill. Yes, Pandora is aiming for radio's local ad dollars.  Yes, traditional broadcasters should meet this challenge.  Yes, radio has lots in its favor compared to Pandora (and vice versa).  But the critics are bent on convincing the market that Pandora is not radio and radio is not Pandora. Because if Pandora is not radio, then buyers will not substitute ad dollars on radio for ad dollars on Pandora (even if listeners do exactly that with … [Read more...]


Strategies to Monetize Your Digital Assets Now

What is it going to take for the radio industry to profit from its digital potential? That's the topic I took up with Brian Benedik, president of Katz 360. Are broadcasters structured the right way to make this happen (I think they're not)?  Are we committed enough to digital programs, or do we strangle them before giving them the chances they need?  Just how big is the digital opportunity in terms of real dollars?  And how much of that opportunity will come from your local market? Check out this video for those answers and more. [iframe … [Read more...]

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