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Radio: What Happened to BIG?

A few weeks ago I was very pleased and flattered to be part of the opening presentation at the Public Radio Program Directors Conference in Portland. The PRPD is always one of my favorite events because every single person in the room is on a content- and service-based mission to make their communities and the lives of folks in them better. They are passionate about what they're doing. As one of the speakers said, "nobody here is getting rich doing this." The theme of all the opening presentations was the same: What's enduring about Public Radio, even in the face of dramatic … [Read more...]


Radio’s 2014: A New Year – A New Quest

Stop the pity party, broadcasters! It's a new year! All year long I hear tons of complaints that "radio is not doing this" and "radio is not doing that." I'm asked if I ever get frustrated that maybe, just maybe, industry titans aren't listening to me. Well of course not! First of all, tons of people in the industry are doing amazing things, many beneath the media radar. Second, I listen to me and you listen to me, and - judging by the 30% growth in my subscription list over the past several months - that's plenty. Folks, there is no such thing as "radio." There is only you and me and … [Read more...]

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