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Here Comes the New Dashboard

So what's in store for the auto dashboard of tomorrow? It may not be whatever's on the drawing board in Detroit (or in the picture above). It may really be whatever's in your pocket. So says venture capitalist John Backus: In-car electronics, standalone GPS, satellite radio, seatback DVD players and HD radio will quickly disappear, replaced only by the smartphone powering a dumb screen on the dashboard. In other words, argues Backus, YOU are the new dashboard. And when he says all these technologies will "quickly disappear," he's talking about them as unique and distinct … [Read more...]


Slacker adds On-Demand Features

Here's part two of my conversation with Slacker VP Marketing Jonathan Sasse. In part one we discussed the future of online radio - especially the shape online radio will take in your automobiles. Here we complete the chat with an overview of the new premium on-demand service coming soon to Slacker which will put Slacker on par with existing and forthcoming services like Rhapsody, Spotify, Rdio and other services. (If that sounds like a crowded field, it is.  But why should Slacker fans spend their money elsewhere if this is an additional service Slacker can provide?) Here's the … [Read more...]


The Future of Online Radio – Talking with Slacker’s Jonathan Sasse

What's the future of online radio? Talk to some broadcasters and they'll claim that mobile device manufacturers hate online radio because of the bandwidth usage.  Not so, says Jonathan Sasse, VP Marketing for Slacker, one of the leading personalized online radio services. Talk to some broadcasters and they'll claim there's no money to be made from streaming.  Not so, once again, says Jonathan. Talk to some broadcasters and you'll get a picture of the auto dashboard of the future that includes HD radio - maybe.  That's way too narrow a view, says Jonathan.  No longer will you "get what … [Read more...]

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