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Pandora: Internet Radio Growth coming from AM/FM

So says Pandora CEO Joe Kennedy in this opening session highlight from the recent Worldwide Radio Summit, moderated by Triton's Mike Agovino. Joe also shares some stats on reduced TSL for radio and matches that against the growth for Internet Radio.  These are stats that are not often publicized in the radio industry. Let's be frank:  Of course some Internet radio growth will come from radio. Maybe most of it will come from radio.  And it will not stop people from listening to the radio.  Rather, it will shave away quarter-hours from radio, just as every other entertainment distraction … [Read more...]


Time to Trash Pandora?

The rhetoric is heating to the boiling point, and I think it's about time to throw a bit of cold water on it. I'm talking about Pandora - and who isn't? Radio Ink: Pandora CEO Joseph Kennedy stepped up his assault on radio yesterday as he detailed some of his sales and ratings plans, hoping to take a chunk of radio's $17.4 billion revenue pie. Just for the record, that's not an "assault on radio" since any party with an advertising-based medium has as much opportunity to invite the dollars of advertisers as any other.  Those are not "radio's" dollars, they are advertisers' dollars and … [Read more...]


Pandora Today and Tomorrow – Pandora CEO Joe Kennedy (Part 2)

This is part two of my two-part conversation with Pandora CEO Joe Kennedy (you can find part one here). By far the best known player in the online radio field, Pandora has now topped 75 million registered users.  And with its introduction into Detroit's auto cycle the obvious question is:  How high is up? Here are some of the questions Joe and I address in this conversation: Just how customized is Pandora's advertising? How critical is that initial registration in providing value to advertisers? How much of the advertising is national, regional, and local? What can terrestrial … [Read more...]


Pandora Today and Tomorrow – Pandora CEO Joe Kennedy (Part 1)

The week after online radio leader Pandora announces a slew of new automaker deals and releases news that they have topped 75 million registered users it's time to ask the question:  Where do they go from here? I sat down with Pandora CEO Joe Kennedy for a very special two-part conversation (watch for part 2 tomorrow). Here are some of the questions we discussed in today's chat: How is Pandora in cars going to roll out and what will it mean to consumers? How important is ease of use and what is "mean time to music"? In cars, how often do consumers use Pandora and what needs does … [Read more...]

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