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Radio’s Personalization Revolution

I talk a lot about the value in personalizing your radio station's website and content such that my version of WXXX is different from yours. What's the point in this, you might ask? The point is that value accrues to that which can be customized to my own interests and tastes. Indeed, it is the essence of digital technology in all its connected forms that my experience should be under my own control and will in all likelihood be different from yours. That's not only a good thing - it's the way the world is moving whether we like it or not. In other words, because it is possible it … [Read more...]


The Power of Social Media finally comes to Radio

Janrain is one of a new breed of companies out to help brands like yours leverage social media to dramatically increase consumer engagement, spike site registration with a proverbial flip of a switch, and transform your consumers into brand ambassadors.  Your consumers spread your messages - with all the authenticity and authority and effectiveness that you don't possess otherwise. This type of service is, in other words, a very big deal. I've been talking about social media a lot lately not only because radio as an industry is so horribly deficient in this area in general, but also … [Read more...]


Triton’s Mike Agovino on Radio’s Social Media Future

Last week I ranted about the scope of radio's social media problem (strongly recommended reading).  Like it or not, control has shifted from the companies who own the media licenses to the consumers who own the new tools of media.  And with that shift comes a new opportunity. What will it take for radio to grapple with this challenge and this opportunity? While Triton Media is not alone is pursuing an answer to this problem, they certainly seem to be first out of the gate.  I have seen a preview of their soon-to-bow solution, and it is bound to shake things up in the U.S. and … [Read more...]

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