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“The Most Beautiful Product We’ve Ever Made”

That's how Apple's marketing chief, Phil Schiller, introduced the new iPhone yesterday. You can forgive the whiff of hyperbole because anyone who has any experience with Apple knows that its design aesthetic is 100% genuine and woven deep into its corporate DNA. It made me wonder, how often have we been able to say that about the radio products we create? How often have you been able to claim that today's morning show or this break or that segue or your last personal appearance or your lobby or your logo or the way you treat a caller is "the most beautiful experience we have ever … [Read more...]


Everything you need to know about Radio in the new iPhone 5

Rumors are rumors, but patents are real. Whether the technology produced by these patents arrives in the forthcoming iPhone 5 or a later version is anybody's guess, but it sure makes sense to me that we'll see this sooner rather than later (although it's also possible that we'll never see this). Back in December, Apple quietly submitted a patent application that altered the radio experience for its users and introduced three new elements to the iPhone:  FM, AM, and Satellite Radio - all built in. Besides a much slicker user experience than the standard radio dial, Apple has … [Read more...]

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