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How to make Listener and DJ Relationships Interactive – and Social

What's the point of being a "local" station if "local" DJs aren't interacting with "local" consumers? What if your listeners could interact directly with DJ's via mobile devices - and audio - going well beyond a typical Facebook page or TXT message? That's the premise of what Zambig offers. Zambig has created tools designed to enable interaction between listeners and DJ's and to take those interactions social - with audio. In this video, Zambig founders Blair and Cordell Giesen talk about what their application does and why it matters in the larger picture of social media, … [Read more...]


“It’s about Me”

Once upon a time media was something you consumed and somebody else owned, often because a license was granted to them. We talk a lot today about the new nature of media.  We talk about a 24/7/365 always on, you make it, you mash it up, you talk back to it and pimp it out, on-demand brand. Virtually all of us own mobile phones dripping in personalization, from what’s on the face to the sound it makes to the color of the case. And then we stand back startled when we discover that Metcalfe's Law is raging and the once-big Pandora is now exponentially bigger with no end in sight. … [Read more...]

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