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Interacting with Audio Ads by Voice – XAPPMedia’s Pat Higbie

Is "touch" broken, when it comes to advertising? That's the argument from XAPPmedia CEO Pat Higbie in this presentation from hivio 2015, the audio future festival. So what's not broken? Your ability to activate advertising outcomes with your voice. Especially using mobile devices and when you're on-the-go. XAPPmedia's XAPP Ads are interactive audio ads that connect consumers directly with brands. Consumers can respond to ads instantly with just their voice. Watch this video and see (or hear) for yourself: Make sure to sign up at hivio.com if you want to be in the loop for … [Read more...]


Think of Your Digital Platform as a Relationship Engine

One of my regular themes is that broadcasters must do a much better job of monetizing the conversation - the relationship - they have with their consumers. The average broadcaster views digital monetization as a process of making money from their website, especially via display ads.  This is not only scratching the surface, but it's scratching the wrong surface. And worse, many programmers are incentivized on web traffic under the assumption that it's better when more folks go to their website. While that's not wrong, it creates a natural tendency for programmers to "promote" their … [Read more...]


Wake up, Radio, to the Mobile Challenge

I've been pondering this question: Which way would consumers prefer to listen to the radio on their mobile devices, over the Internet or via an FM receiver built in? We have seen answers to questions like this before (and I have some mobile phone/radio research answers to give you in the next few days that will make some people very unhappy), but the more I look at the question the more I think it's exactly the wrong one to ask. This question assumes a number of things. First, it assumes that "radio" means one thing.  Does radio also mean Pandora?  It should. Second, it assumes … [Read more...]

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