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Surprise! Connected Car Users are Old and Rich!

Nielsen recently released a study that was not representative of the entire population. I know, so what else is new, right? Actually, this was their intention this time. It was a study of 5,985 respondents 18+ years old who either use or are extremely, very, or somewhat interested in at least one of the three connected life technologies—connected home, car and/or wearable technology. It is, in other words, the low-hanging fruit of the connected car market. The Connected Car Audience And who is this low-hanging fruit? The study found the majority are men (58%), 42% are age … [Read more...]


“The Most Beautiful Product We’ve Ever Made”

That's how Apple's marketing chief, Phil Schiller, introduced the new iPhone yesterday. You can forgive the whiff of hyperbole because anyone who has any experience with Apple knows that its design aesthetic is 100% genuine and woven deep into its corporate DNA. It made me wonder, how often have we been able to say that about the radio products we create? How often have you been able to claim that today's morning show or this break or that segue or your last personal appearance or your lobby or your logo or the way you treat a caller is "the most beautiful experience we have ever … [Read more...]


Radio: A Sure Path to Lower Ratings

So the early results are in in the battle between DirecTV and Viacom, and they're not pretty - for Viacom. Thanks to a deal dispute, Viacom has been off DirecTV for several days.  That is, distribution - attention - has been reduced.  And the impact has been dramatic. According to the LA Times, Nickelodeon's ratings are off 33% as a result.... MTV's total day average went from almost 500,000 viewers on July 10 to 273,000 on July 13, a 43% dip. VH1 has dropped almost 30% of its audience and Comedy Central is off 21% for the same period. All of this is a result of decreased distribution … [Read more...]

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