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Look out! The Attention Economy is Collapsing!

Look out! The attention economy is collapsing! And… ABC Family Channel rebrands as “Freeform” – and who cares? It’s episode 35 of Media Unplugged with branding authority Tom Asacker and media strategist Mark Ramsey. Plus, rants and raves on yet another reference to the tired Oreo “dip in the dark” social media tactic, the mysterious connection – if any – between social media wins and TV ratings wins, and a tribute to the legendary David Bowie. Listen as we go inside media to reveal the ugly truth! Click the play button below: And if you're reading this by email, click here … [Read more...]


Uncovering Glenn Beck’s Digital Secrets

When you have a platform as powerful as Glenn Beck, it sure makes sense to extend brand tentacles into a variety of areas, including digital. At the heart of Glenn Beck's digital strategy are his Insider member platforms. Exclusive content - by subscription. And it's working. I talked with Chris Balfe, President/COO of Glenn's company, Mercury Radio Arts. I wanted to know how much work goes into this digital platform, where the ideas come from, whether this is a model other talents should follow, how to decide what to give away for free and for a fee, and whether it is all worth it … [Read more...]

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