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Radio: There Will Be No More New Music Formats

If you're waiting for a new music format - a knight in shining armor - to save your flagging ratings, then you will be waiting for the rest of your professional career. Because there never will be one ever again. What's the next big new format? Radio has been asking that question forever. Most recently, the answer was Classic Hip Hop. Is it the next big thing? Maybe not (from Radio Ink): If you listened to Radio One CEO Alfred Liggins on his earnings call you might come to the conclusion that he believes the Classic Hip Hop format — or BOOM, as Radio One calls it — has run its … [Read more...]


Time to Trash Pandora?

The rhetoric is heating to the boiling point, and I think it's about time to throw a bit of cold water on it. I'm talking about Pandora - and who isn't? Radio Ink: Pandora CEO Joseph Kennedy stepped up his assault on radio yesterday as he detailed some of his sales and ratings plans, hoping to take a chunk of radio's $17.4 billion revenue pie. Just for the record, that's not an "assault on radio" since any party with an advertising-based medium has as much opportunity to invite the dollars of advertisers as any other.  Those are not "radio's" dollars, they are advertisers' dollars and … [Read more...]


Is Radio a Digital Laggard?

That’s what Inside Radio reports, based on a new Borrell Associates study: In what may best be described as a digital wake up call, Borrell Associates says the radio industry is “barely treading water” in the local digital space and is poised to see its share shrink — not grow — unless there’s a rethink in the coming years. “Radio stations continued to deliver lackluster performance in internet sales,”  Borrell Associates president Gordon Borrell. “Outside of local cable companies and magazines, radio performed the worst among all legacy media companies,” Borrell says. But here’s what’s lost … [Read more...]


Is Radio’s Future Pandora’s Present?

Will the future of radio be personalizable, like Pandora? No. But with an audience craving music and happy to tailor and tweak that experience to their liking, there's no question that personalizable music content is one area sorely lacking in radio's arsenal, and the glaring absence of this feature is why Pandora has 80 million registered users, tons of glowing publicity, and a cascade of integration deals with automakers and other consumer electronics manufacturers. Bob Pittman recently mentioned this as one obvious tactic for Clear Channel's evolution in the years to come, and any … [Read more...]


Radio’s Time-Spent-Listening Fix (Hint: Don’t Hold your Breath)

Radio time-spent-listening (TSL) is declining. This is something I've been writing about for a long time, yet many broadcasters stubbornly refuse to face up to the consequences of this fact, preferring instead to take refuge in stable audience cumes over time. Even if audience usage was not eroding, we would still be facing an erosion of advertising support as marketers move dollars to digital options - some in the radiosphere, many not. The time to stick one's head in the sand is over. From Inside Radio: Radio’s cume is fine, but average quarter hour listening is on the … [Read more...]

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