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Stop Picking on Pandora, Radio

So is Pandora "radio" or isn't it? I have (correctly) argued "yes" here and here and here. "Radio" is a menu of value propositions - "jobs", combinations of which consumers "hire your brand for" every time they choose to tune in. Many of those "jobs" are clearly shared with Pandora, thus making Pandora a substitute for your station - part of the same category of consumer solutions, as I argue in this popular presentation. The debate, such as it is, continues to rage on primarily because broadcasters are under siege and take comfort in whatever back-slapping comes their way. In fact, … [Read more...]


Here’s what IHeartRadio and TuneIn are Missing

Lots of blood, sweat, tears, and treasure have gone into making radio’s alternatives to Pandora et. al., yet I think both IHeartRadio and TuneIn are missing perhaps their greatest opportunity. And it’s staring them in the face. To be sure, these are terrific apps – as good as anything out there. So what are they missing and why does it matter? Let’s step back. If you’re going to provide an experience rooted in the radio stations listeners already know and love, then you should add value to that experience that corresponds to the problems listeners have with radio and how they … [Read more...]


TV’s Digital Lessons for Radio

Edison Research recently showcased some buyer interviews arguing, among other things, that radio’s digital-only doo-dads are less than compelling to many buyers and that what they really want is an integrated approach across platforms built around fresh ideas. So what’s best, digital-only or integrated? Don’t get lost in this “either/or” – it’s a myth. It’s all about value, folks. Good or bad, high or low. Period. I think radio buyers can only respond to what’s in front of them, and many of radio’s digital-only doo-dads are not exceptional enough to capture their attention or … [Read more...]


Radio’s Mobile Challenge

I think most broadcasters are thinking about mobile all wrong.  The thinking goes like this: "We need a dedicated mobile app for our station!" Or... "We need to get our stations on mobile apps that already exist, like Tunein or IHeartRadio!" Both of these are wrong (or at least vastly insufficient) for the same reason:  They are about you, while mobile is about the consumer - her problems, needs, and interests - and the advertiser - who wants more than reach in a world where you can connect so much more meaningfully. Richard Ting lays out the upside for mobile in this piece. At … [Read more...]


“I’ll Have what She’s Having”

Why do what you're doing?  Because everybody else in radio seems to be doing it?  Or because it's the right thing for you and your organization to do? Why jump aboard the iheartradio bandwagon and make your stations available on that platform?  Because every so often there's a news release about another broadcaster who has, or because it's the best way for you to advance your progress in streaming? Why pursue a dedicated mobile app?  Because everybody needs a dedicated mobile app, or because its central to your digital strategy? Why install a deals platform?  Because that's what the … [Read more...]


Pandora at 125 Million

No matter how many or how few listeners are tuned to Pandora at any given moment, 125 million registered users is a whole lot. Think of the registered user count as analogous to the number of people who own radios.  Owning a radio is being "registered to use" radio.  While the Pandora numbers fall far short of radio's "registered" distribution, the numbers move closer by the day. It seems obvious to me that Pandora will become an increasingly attractive alternative for radio's traditional advertisers as radio's reach advantage continues to diminish. Given that streaming is not unique … [Read more...]


Pandora’s Ads “are as Valuable as Traditional Stations'” Ads

That's the word from newly public Pandora on their first-ever quarterly report. As GigaOm writes: Pandora posted total revenue of $67 million during the second fiscal quarter of the year, more than doubling its revenue from the same period one year ago. Revenue from ads accounted for the lion’s share of Pandora’s Q2 sales, totaling $58.3 million.  And while Pandora did not turn a bottom-line profit for the quarter — the company’s net loss was $1.8 million — it seems to be impressing Wall Street with the traction it has gotten thus far. On a phone call with investors and analysts after the … [Read more...]


The End of the “Radio Industry”

It has been sneaking up on us for some time, but now the trajectory of the trend is crystal clear:  The end of the "radio industry" is near. Not the end of radio, mind you.  Not by a long shot. I'm talking about the industry of equals who congregate annually at NAB Radio Shows and read the same trade publications and talk to the same peers and, for the most part, have worked in the same business for years. That industry is vanishing before our eyes. Not so long ago, broadcasters shared and borrowed and copied and stole from each other.  A format that worked in one market might very … [Read more...]

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