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Is Your Whiteboard “On Fire?”

I was on a conference call with a major radio talent recently and he made a comment that stuck with me: "Our whiteboard is on fire!" On fire with new initiatives and new brand extensions and new ways to take the over-the-air product into the real world where it can be experienced in fresh ways - each more monetizable than the last. And I thought...Is YOUR whiteboard on fire? In a time of diminishing ad budgets for traditional over-the-air spots, are you spinning ideas and initiatives? Or are you just spinning? Whiteboards don't blaze untended in a corner of a conference room. … [Read more...]


Radio Sellers and Programmers are finally on the Same Side

Value to clients is about more than running ads.  And value to consumers is about more than simply playing music. That's the new world of radio today. No longer is there a "sales side" or a "programming side."  Nowadays there's only one "side" and it's the "value side." Value to clients and consumers at the very same time - mediated by your brand. In the digital space, its all about value - not about interruptive ads stuck in the middle of valued content. In many ways, the client's content IS the valued content. Watch this brief overview of the "value side" and why it's the only side … [Read more...]


How Radio can stay “Relevant”

Last week I was interviewed for a radio show by an international broadcaster and she asked me one question that has haunted me for days: "How can radio remain relevant to consumers?" This question is innocuous on its face, but upon consideration, it's remarkable. Who would have ever imagined we would ask such a question about radio? With hundreds of millions of distribution devices (i.e., radios) in every home work and car and almost universal usage of the medium, how could we ever question the relevance of our role in the lives of consumers?  And what does it mean that we … [Read more...]

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