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Maybe You’re Thinking about Digital for Radio All Wrong

What do VC's look for when they invest in the startups which threaten mega-industries like radio? Marc Andreessen, VC and cofounder of Netscape, spelled out the formula in an HBR Ideacast episode with his former partner Jim Barksdale. Here's what Andreessen and investors like him look for: A large incumbent... In an established industry... With a bundled product or service offering... In the presence of underlying technology change... Where there's an idea for an unbundled version of the product or service the customer might prefer more than the incumbent version... And an … [Read more...]


“Every Business is a Media Business”

Unless you understand the forces changing business today, there is no tomorrow for you. This short podcast from the Harvard Business Review covers many of the themes you will read about in this blog in succinct fashion.  It's all about the convergence of technology, media, and business. The featured guest is Larry Kramer, founder and former chairman and CEO of MarketWatch, Inc., and author of C-Scape: Conquer the Forces Changing Business Today. The core of it is a call for companies to understand what business they're really in based on what their consumers really want and how they … [Read more...]

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