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A Tale of Two Tees

As part of hivio, the audio future festival, I'm producing a free t-shirt for all who attend. My instructions to the designers were to represent the power of audio - the theme of the event. I took the leading ideas and did a poll for folks who were interested in hivio, and that poll had some clear results. This was the winner: And this design was the runner-up. The final decision, of course, was mine. So now I'm going to tell you why I picked the runner-up over the "winner." Praise was effusive for the leader: "Now that says audio!" one person wrote. And indeed it … [Read more...]


Radio is Bad at Technology, but…

All right, let's just say it. Radio is really bad at technology. Sure, we can mess with Twitter and Facebook and YouTube, but your five-year-old has mastered these. Being able to function in the presence of technology with something less than the capacity of a pre-teen is not the same as being good at technology from the perspective of a brand. Technology today is helping to broaden the definition of brands and transform them into experiences. In fact, the future of brands is as experiences across media and platforms. That's why Nike's fuelband makes sense for a company that … [Read more...]


Great Radio is Heavy on “Humanity”

A sentence from Seth Godin's terrific new book The Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly? captured my attention: "We don't need more stuff, we need more humanity." "Stuff" is abundant, but "humanity" seems to be scarce. Consider the great radio stations you know.  Are any of them heavy on "stuff" and light on "humanity"? Now consider the not-so-great ones.  Lots of "stuff" there, huh? Coming up in this blog I'm going to review the "jobs" consumers "hire" radio brands to do.  You'll see that the "stuff" jobs are in great danger of disruption, while the "humanity" jobs are ours to … [Read more...]

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