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Radio is Ignoring “Pre-Awareness”

In Hollywood, they call it "pre-awareness." It's the idea that you're already familiar with the concept of the movie, thus the studios don't need to waste those precious marketing resources making you familiar with the concept. Even before you see it, you know enough about it to know you really want to see it. It's why so many of our cinematic tentpoles are followed by roman numerals, and why international territories in particular (the source of 70% of Hollywood's revenues) are eating them up. In television, CSI spawns CSI: New York and CSI: Miami. In music, hits are produced by … [Read more...]


Kevin Smith should be on the Radio

Kevin Smith is most famous as a movie director and writer – the creator of films like Clerks, Chasing Amy, Dogma, and the recent Red State. But I wanted to talk to him because of his radio work – or, more accurately, his podcasts. With more than 300,000 monthly downloads of some shows, merchandise, live performances, TV spinoffs and more, Kevin has built an entertainment mecca. Isn’t this exactly the sort of personality radio needs to tap into? Listen to my conversation with Kevin: [iframe … [Read more...]


Radio, the “Intimate” Medium

Recently, Howard Stern interviewed MSNBC host and one-time Air America anchor Rachel Maddow, and the conversation eventually drifted to radio and what makes it different from TV. Compared to TV, “radio is an intimate medium,” Rachel said. And of course, she’s right. While we lump radio with television when we think of “broadcasting,” TV is certainly more one-to-many while radio is really much more one-to-one…. Among many. That’s not just a voice in your ear, after all. It’s a voice you have a relationship with. With TV you’re always aware of the glass rectangle separating you … [Read more...]


Getting Sirius about Howard Stern’s Next Step

From Inside Radio: Analysts: Sirius XM “would be fine” without Stern. The satcaster’s high penetration in automobiles and partnerships with carmakers will keep its subscriber rolls strong for years to come, according to analysts. “The company’s in a pretty good position and their operations would be fine and continue even if they lost subscribers because of Stern,” BGB Securities analyst Murray Arenson tells Reuters. Despite the “Where you go Howard, we go” mindset of many of Stern’s fans, Barrington Research analyst James Goss says the listeners who followed Stern to Sirius XM may not be … [Read more...]


What Kind of Digital Content Should Broadcasters Create?

Yesterday I was asked a great - and very common - question. If content is so terribly important in the digital world, then what types of content should broadcasters feature on their web platforms?  In other words, "can you be more specific, Mark?" There are many reasons why there's no one-size-fits-all answer to that question. First, you need to understand that content forms from and around brands.  And building a brand is not like following a recipe. Granted, much radio programming falls under the "recipe" category, but that's because each market has (until recently) operated in a … [Read more...]


Howard Stern will stay at Sirius XM

I have no insider information on this topic, but it seems to me overwhelmingly likely that Howard Stern's marriage to Mel Karmazin at Sirius XM will continue for another few years. Here's why: 1.  Less is More on Satellite Radio A little bit of name value goes a long way.  Howard currently works four days a week with plenty of weeks off.  Has this turned off Stern fans?  I doubt it. And Howard seems to want to work less in the future than he does now.  Call it a "slow fade," call it "part-time, call it whatever you want.  But you will not call it "retired." It's very likely that … [Read more...]


If this is a “Book” then what’s a “Radio Station”?

When is a book not a book? When it's an "amplified edition." That's what they're calling this new version of author Ken Follett's "The Pillars of the Earth," which includes: "striking video clips, beautiful art and original music from the upcoming, critically acclaimed Starz Originals 8-hour epic television event based on the book." It will be available for the iPad, the iPhone, and the iPod by the end of this week. Says the publisher: "Updates will occur repeatedly while the TV series airs so that consumers who purchase the Amplified Edition will have a dynamic user experience that … [Read more...]


Remember when Sirius/XM was a technological advancement?

Sirius/XM continues to chug along, thanks in no small part to the rebirth of the auto market and the subscription trials that come along with so many new vehicles rolling off the showroom floor (that's a credit to their business model, not an insult). But in the midst of this growth, Sirius/XM has lost something which has gone virtually unnoticed:  Portable units. Maybe these things never sold that well in the first place.  I'm talking about the Stiletto 100 and the Stiletto 2.  They were, after all, clunky and poorly designed alternatives to mp3 players - satellite … [Read more...]

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