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Radio’s Power on the Dashboard

There's no doubt that technology is bringing new choices to an auto dashboard near you.  Nor is there any doubt that consumers will embrace and even demand those choices. It's customary for broadcasters to freak out about this, as we stand by and watch radio's hegemony over the dashboard under attack. The natural response is to fight technology with technology - to assume that your FM station must have all the doo-dads and whistles that Pandora has. What is the truth about radio's user experience in the car? The truth is that user experience is not only about new features or … [Read more...]


The Future of Radio is Between (or instead of) the Songs

What's the future of radio? The answer is not "technology," although that's part of the answer.  The answer is to leverage what can't be easily duplicated by people who are much more knowledgeable about and committed to technology than you are. The future is between - or instead of - the songs. Southern Cross Austereo's extraordinarily bright and talented Craig Bruce talked with me about this very topic. We discuss: Are listeners less engaged in radio than they used to be? What will be the impact of pure-plays like Pandora or Spotify on radio? Why can't we find and nurture … [Read more...]


What Radio Needs is “Soul”

This is from my friend Beau Phillips, the EVP of Programming at Dial Global, a major radio industry content syndicator. Dear DG programmers and personalities; Last year, a research company asked 12,000 listeners “What do you like most about radio?” Their #1 response was “it’s convenient”. Sadly, we have become a commodity to people. Like a foot stool, radio is there when you need it. Over the years, radio settled into a comfort zone. We hired jocks for their deep voices and witty chatter. As long as you owned the radio tower, you could dictate what people heard. And we convinced … [Read more...]


What are Radio’s “Great New Ideas”?

You have probably heard about the changes at Netflix.  One company is now becoming two, with the original brand providing the streaming content and the new brand (ironically) covering the DVD-by-mail business that made Netflix famous. Whether or not this is the right move is something only time will prove.  But the motivations behind it couldn't be clearer, and those motivations should resonate for everyone in the broadcast business, too. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings: Most companies that are great at something – like AOL dialup or Borders bookstores – do not become great at new things … [Read more...]


What the new KCRW iPad app means for you

To really understand the opportunities available to expand a radio brand you need to begin by understanding why the brand exists and why the audience should care. If you have a reason to exist - a mission, if you will - then you can expand your brand across platforms in a manner which fits that mission, even if it means creating applications which don't quite look like the brand they emerged from. So it is with the cool new iPad app from KCRW, called the KCRW Music Mine. KCRW is, as you may know, most famous for curating music discovery - or, as regular folks might say, it's a station … [Read more...]


What you Stand for is Bigger than Radio

Recently, Malaysia's BFM, a business radio station, interviewed me about developments in radio - what's changed and what's about to change. This is one of those rare opportunities for me to speak about radio from an international perspective, although still focusing on where radio is headed here at home in the US. Here are some of the elements we focus on: What are the consequences of "everyone as media company"? How can radio continue to stay relevant? What are the challenges posed by new players like Pandora and Spotify? How will radio adapt to this new competition? Is … [Read more...]


Is HD Radio the Answer to Radio’s Dashboard Challenge?

That's what Ford is arguing. Then again, I am not so sure Ford knows why folks listen to the radio or why they keep listening. After all, it's not Ford who decided to put radios in cars.  You and I - the consumers - drove that decision for them. And it's not you and I - the consumers - who are telling Ford "we want HD radio."  That clarion call is coming from somewhere else - probably from a company which stands to gain lots if HD becomes an industry standard and has everything to lose if it doesn't. But is this really what Ford thinks?  Or are they thinking that consumers are … [Read more...]


Ad Guru John Winsor says Radio Needs a New Business Model

John Winsor is the head of a fabulous new agency called Victors & Spoils. John is the author of Flipped: How Bottom-Up Co-Creation is Replacing Top-Down Innovation and Baked In: Creating Products and Businesses That Market Themselves, one of my favorite books of 2010 co-authored with legendary ad-man Alex Bogusky. I talked with John about how a top ad agency CEO sees radio today and tomorrow, and what it takes for radio to "bake in" the ingredients essential to a healthy future. Watch this: [iframe http://player.vimeo.com/video/28558705?title=0&byline=0&portrait=0 500 … [Read more...]

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