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Will Young People Grow Into the Radio “Habit”?

I had my ears wide open at the recent Country Radio Seminar, and I overheard some interesting things. One broadcaster told another how he was helping a local school launch their own online radio station, but he was hearing from some of the students that they “don’t see what the big deal is about radio.” Then he bemoaned the fact that his own kids don’t carry radios, preferring instead mobile devices “which won’t work in an emergency.” Another broadcaster asked me a great – and related - question: Will young people grow into the radio “habit”? Will they, in other words, become more … [Read more...]


Ten Steps to Grow your Audience

Let's get right to it: 1. Understand what consumer problem you solve You’re not simply a radio station full of music that everyone can agree on.  You’re a solution to the problems of your audience.  What problem or problems do you solve?  Are you the spot for them to hear their favorite music?  Or new music?  Or great background while they’re working?  Or the place to keep them company in the car?  Or the place they turn to for an update on news or weather?  Or the spot they pick for a laugh every day?  Which of these problems can you solve? Another way to think about it:  What "job" … [Read more...]

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