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The 4 Ingredients to a Great Radio Website

Everyone wants to know how to build a better website for their media brands. And that’s because, in their heart of hearts, most of us know too many of our current sites suck. There are three four elements that go into the mix that makes a website great – or rotten. They are: Design – Not just graphics but the architecture of the site itself Content – The stuff that makes your site worth visiting Technology – The invisible underpinnings of your site that make everything work together effectively and peacefully And the organizing force that drives these elements is: Purpose … [Read more...]


How to Be Great

I was reading a post on "what every blog needs to be great," and was struck with the results of this poll: Why was this so striking? Because these results don't simply answer the question for blogs.  I would argue they answer the question for any brand - even a radio brand. How much effort does your radio brand invest in its distinctive voice?  How distinctive is your voice, in fact? It's almost impossible to imagine a distinctive voice that doesn't in some way involve actual human voices.  A "distinctive voice" is an expression of personality, if not "personalities."  In our … [Read more...]

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