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Lessons for Your Radio Brand from Anchorman 2

Is your radio brand just a radio brand? This past holiday season one movie changed what it means to be a "movie," and there's a lesson wrapped up in that change for any radio brand, too. The movie was Anchorman 2, and the "change" is outlined in the Slideshare presentation below from Gary Vaynerchuk: Anchorman 2 Changed what it Means to Be a Movie from Gary Vaynerchuk To quote Gary: What makes this different is that they’re not just using pre-existing assets [and repurposing them across channels]. They’re taking a core asset (WILL FERRELL) and investing the time and money to … [Read more...]


It’s not a Digital-or-Radio either-or thing. It’s Both.

Don't take my word for it.  Take the word of Gary Vaynerchuk, a guy who would not exist in the public spotlight were it not for all things digital. Gary, who is now a speaker and mega-entrepreneur and Sirius/XM host and author and former interview subject right here in this blog - in addition to being one of America's best-known wine merchants, makes some important points in this video: It's not the platform, it's the message. And you have to fish where the fish are. And guess what?  Radio provides a very spacious aquarium. … [Read more...]

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