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“What Else Ya Got?”

Not long ago I was pitching a TV project to a cable network programming head. It wasn't quite the right fit, evidently, and he told me so. But then he asked a question I hadn't expected: "What else ya got?" Um, that's it, I'm afraid! I had one project in mind and that was the one I was pitching. It never even occurred to me to have some kind of ace in the hole - a backup project in the event that my A pitch went down in flames. I think this is a big problem in the radio space. We too often have one solution to every problem. We look over our shoulder to see what other broadcasters … [Read more...]


Radio is Afraid of Change

There's no doubt about it: Consistency matched to consumer expectations is a big reason why listeners keep coming back to the brands they love. But what happens when new choices and the novelty packed into them abound? And not just "radio" choices, but attention-getting distractions which occupy the same block of time that otherwise would have been devoted to "radio"? It was legendary ad-man David Ogilvy who famously said "Encourage innovation. Change is our life blood, stagnation is our death knell." How would Ogilvy react to stations who rest on their laurels not for years but for … [Read more...]


Radio’s “Chocolate” Problem

How do you get people to talk about you when there’s nothing extraordinary to talk about? Or, as Word of Mouth Marketing author Andy Sernovitz puts it: The longer you’ve been good, the more people know about you, and the more they know you make good stuff, the less likely they are to suddenly start talking about you. That’s what Andy calls “the chocolate problem,” so named because nobody ever picks up a phone or tweets to their pal “Dude, have you tried chocolate? It’s awesome!” No matter how good something is and no matter how often we consume it – indeed, no matter how central a role … [Read more...]

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