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Is Radio Waving its Future Goodbye?

From Bloomberg: By early next year, Ford Motor Co. will be shipping Fiesta cars with software that operates Pandora via voice controls. Daimler AG’s Mercedes-Benz is promoting the radio service in vehicles, and Pioneer Electronics sells car stereos that include Pandora. The advantage of Pandora is marketers can target users based on age, gender, home ZIP code and musical taste, letting them deliver more relevant ads than what’s possible on regular radio, said Scott Kelly, digital marketing manager at Ford, which is also advertising on Pandora. “It’s very intimate,” Kelly said in an … [Read more...]


Ford signals the need to reinvent Radio – are you listening?

Last week Inside Radio featured one of the most important items of the year, and I'm guessing the significance of it evaded many readers: Auto rebound has Ford reinvesting in media, but it’s not “buying off the shelf.” The automaker’s seasonally adjusted year-over-year sales rate is up 17%, according to Ford Motor Media-Team Detroit senior partner and managing director Kevin Brown. “We’re all about consumer engagement and brand advocacy,” Brown says. That means giving consumers first hand experiences with its brands so that prospects can then “push out to their own personal … [Read more...]

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