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Is Your Whiteboard “On Fire?”

I was on a conference call with a major radio talent recently and he made a comment that stuck with me: "Our whiteboard is on fire!" On fire with new initiatives and new brand extensions and new ways to take the over-the-air product into the real world where it can be experienced in fresh ways - each more monetizable than the last. And I thought...Is YOUR whiteboard on fire? In a time of diminishing ad budgets for traditional over-the-air spots, are you spinning ideas and initiatives? Or are you just spinning? Whiteboards don't blaze untended in a corner of a conference room. … [Read more...]


A Lesson for News/Talk Radio from Amazon’s Kindle Fire

Too many News/Talk broadcasters just don't get it. What can they learn from Amazon's new Kindle Fire? Quite a lot, I think. This is not a piece about Amazon vs. Apple. ┬áNor is it a piece about the merits and prospects for Kindle Fire. ┬áThose are all discussed ad infinitum elsewhere. This is a piece about strategic thinking, specifically the strategic thinking that makes Kindle Fire different from the zillions of other tablet alternatives to Apple's groundbreaking iPad. Amazon's Jeff Bezos spelled it out, as reported by USA Today: One reason that some companies have not succeeded … [Read more...]

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