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MusicFIRST, but MusiciansLAST?

MusicFIRST really needs to have their heads examined. They're in a tizzy because, allegedly, Pandora executives have done what executives at companies post-IPO do - cash out some shares.  And since these folks own a lot of shares, that can add up to a lot of money. But what does this have to do with the central question of onerous music royalty rates and the Internet radio industry's long-term ability to profit in the face of them? Forgive the Econ 101 lecture, MusicFIRST, but the value of shares for a public company is a reflection of the market's expectation of future profitability, … [Read more...]


Branding Lessons for Radio from Comic-Con

In Hollywood they call it "Cannes for Blockbusters." Will Ferrell, Sly Stallone, Angelina Jolie, and dozens of other A-list stars were there.  And so were K-Rock's Kevin & Bean, broadcasting live from a parking lot. I'm talking about Comic-Con, ground zero for everything buzz-worthy in pop culture. I stopped by Comic-Con last week and picked up two key lessons in branding that are applicable to any (and every) broadcaster. Watch this short video to discover what they are: And for you folks who prefer … [Read more...]

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