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Here’s to Failure!

Nobody wants to fail. Yet we inherently know that without taking risks - without risking exactly the failure we fear so much - the big successes are likely to remain out of reach. Recently I was with a Broadway theater producer - someone who has produced famous shows you know quite well - and he said something that, while not surprising, was important and interesting: "The biggest hits go to those who have the biggest failures." And he should know. This is not to suggest that we need to bet the farm on our hunches - that's a sure way to the poor house. ¬†But it's certainly true … [Read more...]


Conquering Fear in Fast-Changing Times

In today's wild world of broadcasting, challenges and fears are around every corner. How do we battle those fears and challenges, given that they are an inescapable part of the innovation process? How do we follow our passions and make a difference within our organizations in a time of such turbulent change while facing these fears head-on? That's why I talked to Ishita Gupta. ¬†Ishita knows a thing or two about innovation and fear. She is founder of the terrific online magazine Fear.less and the head of Media and Hoopla for Seth Godin's Domino Project. Watch this short … [Read more...]

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