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Radio Thinking is not Platform Thinking

Recently CNN's Fareed Zakaria spoke with Sony Chairman Howard Stringer about Japan's post-crisis economic recovery. In the context of that discussion, Stringer talked about the evolution of his own company, Sony, in the wake of a different kind of Tsunami - the kind Apple let loose on the world of mobile devices and entertainment beginning with its iPod and continuing to this day. Sony, Stringer explained, was once building vertical devices for vertical markets. ¬†The company was blindsided by Apple's moves because Apple's solutions were developed horizontally - across applications and … [Read more...]


How to Lead

Leadership. I submit to you that the radio industry has an abundance of managers but precious few leaders. This episode of Fareed Zakaria GPS on CNN is devoted to the topic of leadership and is must-viewing in media corporate boardrooms. Leadership is about seeing the future and driving towards it. ¬†Leadership is about marshaling consensus. ¬†Leadership is about listening and acting. Leadership is about activating change. Watch this show - and see that your boss does, too And here's a link to the audio … [Read more...]

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