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The Evolution of the Car Radio

This graphic is courtesy of RadioTime. What this picture leaves out is the suddenly changing definition of "radio" in a world where personalization, customization, and connection rule.  All of those factors will soon be built into cars, and the entertainment delivery system will be one of the most potent differentiators in the dealer's showroom. Yours will not look like mine because I will be able to make mine my own. There will be no such thing as an "audio entertainment system" per se.  It's all entertainment.  It will have more in common with the face of your iPhone than the face … [Read more...]


Brands will not just be Media, they will be Entertainment

I have been arguing for some time now (following Tom Asacker's logic) that radio, TV, print, ad agencies - the whole conglomeration of media interests, each one viewing its silo as unique and distinct from every other silo - are increasingly reflections of a larger entity called "media," where the distinctions are irrelevant and the ideas are paramount. I have argued that people today are media and that digital platforms enable brands themselves to be their own media (and when you are media you don't need to advertise on as much media). But now I'm going to take the … [Read more...]

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