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Apple wants to Erase your Radio Spots

Another day, another technology-driven way to undo advertising.  Forget the fact that advertising is what pays for most of the content we enjoy on TV or radio. Apple was just granted a patent for technology that would allow users to switch seamlessly to their own audio or video files once ads started playing on their TV or radio stations. I don't know how this could affect listening to radio on traditional radios (still the way most folks get their radio) - it would certainly affect listening mediated by more advanced tech gadgets.  Not that those are catching on, or anything. The … [Read more...]


Pandora is Moving on Local Radio Revenue. Everybody Freak Out!

Pandora's chasing local ad dollars.  Everybody freak out! I know and like Pandora critic Mary Beth Garber, but it's time for the critics to take a chill pill. Yes, Pandora is aiming for radio's local ad dollars.  Yes, traditional broadcasters should meet this challenge.  Yes, radio has lots in its favor compared to Pandora (and vice versa).  But the critics are bent on convincing the market that Pandora is not radio and radio is not Pandora. Because if Pandora is not radio, then buyers will not substitute ad dollars on radio for ad dollars on Pandora (even if listeners do exactly that with … [Read more...]


One Radio Council’s Dumb Attempt to Reposition Pandora

Increasingly, radio recognizes that Pandora is a rising presence, both among listeners and advertisers. What to do about that? Well, don't take the strategy of one particular large market radio council, who sent this slide to the local advertising community: I have hidden the identity of the offending radio council so they're not embarrassed or enraged when I call this one of the dumbest things I've ever seen. It's one of the dumbest things I've ever seen. First, I understand the essential point is that we want you to spend your money on radio, not on Pandora.  So what's the … [Read more...]

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