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Missing Leonard Nimoy and Unruly Breast Physics

Who needs an agency when brands want CONTENT, not ADS? And… Disruption comes and goes, but human desire is forever. Then Tom Asacker rants/raves about advertisers who don’t seem to mind that their ads aren’t seen. And Mark rants/raves about his first experience “going viral” with a piece on Leonard Nimoy and how video game breasts are made and why they can go so wrong. It’s episode 14 of Media Unplugged with branding authority Tom Asacker and media strategist Mark Ramsey. Listen as we go inside media to reveal the ugly truth! Click the play button below: And if you're … [Read more...]


The Key to Building Value in Radio

This week Mediapost columnist Diane Mermigas summed up the challenge for media companies so succinctly, I wanted to showcase the core of her point so it doesn't get lost: The key to building value is using interactivity to create complementary or additive -- not substitute -- offerings that extend or reinvent traditional advertising, content and communications. Read that again, because it's vitally important. We are in the middle of an unyielding cycle of creation and destruction. We witness TV Guide and Newsweek sold for a combined total of $2, each buried in debt. We watch as the … [Read more...]

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