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The Problem is Radio’s Business Model

The more you profit from the status quo, the less inclined you may be to make the moves necessary to thrive in the future. This was the puzzle facing Steve Jobs when his company consciously introduced the iPhone knowing that it would cannibalize his cash cow, the iPod, but knowing that if Apple didn't cannibalize the iPod then everyone else would have done so because it was inevitable that mp3 players would eventually merge with that device formerly known as the mobile phone. Radio is likewise constrained by a model that rewards broadcast licensees with agency dollars but invites radio's … [Read more...]


Maybe You’re Trying to Monetize the Wrong Thing

"We have to drive more traffic to our site!" How many times have we heard that - or said it? Why is this our goal?  Well, maybe it's because the site is where our display ads are and the more eyeballs we get there the better off we perceive ourselves to be.  Maybe it's because we're a program director and part of our incentive structure is based on site uniques.  Maybe it's just because we equate more site traffic with a more successful brand. No matter how you cut it, however, I think it's the wrong question to ask.  And here's why: Your website is not a destination, it's simply part … [Read more...]


How Obama can Improve your Website

With the launch of the Obama reelection website, the Presidential political season is now in full swing. Take a close look at the home page of this site, because there's a lot you can learn from it. In general, one of the big problems with radio websites is that they are outrageously cluttered with station and advertiser crap.  They are about as visually appealing as a pile of dog poo, and they are utterly lacking in a simple mechanism to enter the station's community along with a clear and easy justification for doing so. There is almost no emphasis on building a relationship and … [Read more...]


What Your App Gets Wrong

“There’s an app for that.” You’ve heard that phrase countless times. But there’s an important lesson wrapped up in that phrase. Consider this:  There’s an app for what? And the answer is "whatever problem a consumer happens to have." Apps are generally solutions to problems.  They're not simply tools for you to amplify your brand - in fact they may not be that at all.  Apps are not necessarily about your brand, they are about your consumers. Even if they are in the presence of your brand. And their effectiveness as solutions along with their low cost and ease of acquisition … [Read more...]


Broadcasters understand Audiences, not Communities

What's the difference between an audience and a "community"? As David Siteman Garland puts it in his book Smarter, Faster, Cheaper: Non-Boring, Fluff-Free Strategies for Marketing and Promoting Your Business: A community is not an audience.  An audience passively listens, watches, or reads.  A community interacts, questions, challenges. An audience is one-way, not interactive or social.  An audience doesn't participate or share with others. A community, on the other hand, is a two-way conversation - a living, breathing thing.  Extremely interactive, social. The biggest problem … [Read more...]


What Listeners Really Want

Broadcasters are increasingly aware that - even in a PPM-rated world - it's not enough to cling to listening occasions like they're life rafts in a vast and dangerous ocean. You can only keep people listening for so long when you eliminate turn-offs. Eventually you need to focus on turn-ons - things that will bring listeners back again and again. Remember, eliminating turn-offs has nothing to do with bringing back listeners because they are deaf to your turn-offs when they have already turned you off. If listeners are bees, what's your honey?  What do listeners really want? That's … [Read more...]


Help your Clients Buy Better

A local media company. That's what broadcast groups are thinking of themselves as nowadays, thanks to lots of folks like me (even if too many of them remain radio or TV groups with tangential digital assets, but that's another story). If you're a local media company, part of your job is to maximize the success of your client partners on their terms, whatever those are:  Foot traffic, awareness, the ring of the cash register, etc.  It's not simply to stock more items in more categories and pitch them harder. It constantly amazes me that so many of our digital assets are built to sell … [Read more...]


When Radio has No Idea what to Put on its Websites

If you have any conversation with anyone deep in the digital media space you will hear many references to the folks who put content out there online, and those folks will invariably be referred to as “publishers.” Even radio stations are thought of as publishers.  In fact, in the media space online, there is no such thing as radio per se, there are only publishers and content where that content can span any number of media types or channels. The consequences of this for your radio station are profound.  See, the average radio station views its website as a promotional tool and they view … [Read more...]

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