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The Biggest Problem Your Radio Station Has on Facebook

In what is perhaps a typical radio station scenario, 70% of the inbound traffic to the station's website comes from social media. That’s right. Not from over-the-air promotion, not from organic search, but from social media. And 50% of that traffic comes from Facebook, specifically. That means more than one-third of that brand’s inbound digital traffic comes from Facebook. What do these percentages look like for your brand? Now, what are you doing to expose your best content on Facebook such that listeners want to find it, and don't only consume it, enjoy it, and share it, … [Read more...]


Digital Media: What’s in Store for 2013

Here are some stats from a brand new eMarketer report on U.S. digital media usage changes from now to 2013. I'll focus on some highlights relevant to broadcasters: Facebook users:  147 million, up 4% Twitter users: 36 million, up 14% Smartphone users: 138 million, up 19% Mobile Internet users: 144 million, up 18% Mobile video viewers: 23% of the population, up 20% Smartphone video viewers: 22% of the population (and more than half of smartphone users): up 22% Online movie viewers: 27% of the population, up 16% Online TV viewers: 35% of the population, up 13% Tablet users: … [Read more...]


What if Digital for Radio is a Profit-Enabler, not a Profit-Center?

I came across an interesting opinion recently in a Fast Company piece called "Why VCs Still Love Social Media" in spite of legendary roadblocks to monetization: If monetization is such a problem, why do VCs keep investing in social media? At [VC firm] Greycroft, we're looking for consumer sites that have massive consumer adoption tied with strong engagement. [Greycroft has invested in the video-sharing network Viddy.] These networks, like Instagram, can be fantastic add-ons to companies for acquiring and retaining users. As part of a larger ecosystem, the business can make money from those … [Read more...]


What if Listeners Don’t Want to “Engage” with your Radio Brands?

There's this assumption in digital-land that everybody wants to "engage."  That "engagement" is the ultimate goal of all digital activities. So then why is there so little "engagement" with most radio brands online? Is it because radio brands are poorly represented on digital platforms?  Or is it because most (but certainly not all) listeners use radio not because it occupies their every moment of conscious thought, but precisely because it doesn't? The answer is certainly "both." Too many radio brands expect audiences to "engage" with their station brands simply because those … [Read more...]


Where are we on Radio’s Digital Frontier?

Recently I was the guest of honor on a call for digital players in the Christian radio space hosted by Chris Laney of Digital Frontiers Media. Among the questions: Most major research companies state that by 2015, more then 80% of first time traffic to a website will be via mobile. How do you think radio is doing with developing strategic action plans regarding mobile and in particular Christian radio? I am sure you hear this as much as I do that stations feel like they "need" a mobile app? Have you found that the mobile app market is becoming saturated and what stations or things … [Read more...]


Radio is not “Just About Radio”

Mark Kassof wrote about some interesting research where he concluded that Pandora "is not just about radio." Of course Pandora "isn't just about radio," but nor is radio "just about radio." Is it "about radio" when your station monetizes a daily deals platform?  Is it "about radio" when local events turn a profit for your brand?  Is it "about radio" when you are monetizing your streams or videos or other digital content elements that live in on a platform other than "radio." In fact, it's never "about radio."  It's always about consumers and your clients and how to gather them in each … [Read more...]


Is Social Media a Bust for Radio?

Here are the results of an unscientific and thus unrepresentative (but still revealing) poll from Inside Radio: Half say social networks a revenue-building bust. Facebook is fun and Twitter is a 140-character soapbox but when it comes to making money or contacts, half of Inside Radio readers say social networks haven’t done a thing to advance their career or promote their station. One person tells us, “Social networks, however necessary to what we now do, are an incredible time-waster.” Lots of people said that while they’re on it, they’re not really sure why — or whether it’s doing much … [Read more...]


Motivate Your Audience to Share your Content

Most would acknowledge that the content we put online would be more powerful if more folks shared it. The more folks who share it, the more folks who are turned on to your content and, by association, your brand.  And turned on people are more likely to listen to you. But how do we know what content to put out there?  How do we know what's worth sharing? Sharing is, obviously, the essence of "word-of-mouth" in the digital age.  But what are the keys to motivating sharing?  Why, in other words, do people share? That was the question in a recent study by The Customer Insight Group … [Read more...]

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