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Here Comes the Digital Media Shakeout!

Here comes the digital media shakeout! And... A recipe to reinvent your legacy media company. Plus, rants and raves about the faux innovations from Staples, Pepsico, and others, and how KFC gets the media to do the marketing for them It’s episode 49 of Media Unplugged with branding authority Tom Asacker and media strategist Mark Ramsey. Listen as we go inside media to reveal the ugly truth! Click the play button below: And if you're reading this by email, click here for the audio. Sample and subscribe to Media Unplugged at iTunes. Or do the same at Stitcher. And … [Read more...]


Digital Media: What’s in Store for 2013

Here are some stats from a brand new eMarketer report on U.S. digital media usage changes from now to 2013. I'll focus on some highlights relevant to broadcasters: Facebook users:  147 million, up 4% Twitter users: 36 million, up 14% Smartphone users: 138 million, up 19% Mobile Internet users: 144 million, up 18% Mobile video viewers: 23% of the population, up 20% Smartphone video viewers: 22% of the population (and more than half of smartphone users): up 22% Online movie viewers: 27% of the population, up 16% Online TV viewers: 35% of the population, up 13% Tablet users: … [Read more...]


Are you a Librarian or an Author?

Part of the friction that makes the job of a broadcaster more difficult in 2010 is that essential grind between the "librarian" and the "author." The librarian doesn't write the books.  He curates them.  He organizes them.  He codes them and shuffles their display. The author writes the books.  She creates the content.  She throws it out into the marketplace where it fights for oxygen with the work of other authors. Today's consumers are both librarians and authors.  They curate and organize their own content on their own devices.  They create their own content, too, even if by … [Read more...]

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