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A Tale of Two Tees

As part of hivio, the audio future festival, I'm producing a free t-shirt for all who attend. My instructions to the designers were to represent the power of audio - the theme of the event. I took the leading ideas and did a poll for folks who were interested in hivio, and that poll had some clear results. This was the winner: And this design was the runner-up. The final decision, of course, was mine. So now I'm going to tell you why I picked the runner-up over the "winner." Praise was effusive for the leader: "Now that says audio!" one person wrote. And indeed it … [Read more...]


Is Radio Serious about the Internet?

I'm not so sure. And I'm not talking about streaming here. It's already clear that radio is not necessarily serious about that, or we wouldn't suffer endless debates about whether or not we should create a business model native to the Internet that leverages all the wonderful advantages of technology to offer up targeting and dimensionality and accountability to clients who desire it and consumers who appreciate it. Yes, we should do all that. No, we should not simply aspire to simulcast our streams with our over-the-air product so as to increase our odds of winning what Arbitron … [Read more...]


TV’s Digital Lessons for Radio

Edison Research recently showcased some buyer interviews arguing, among other things, that radio’s digital-only doo-dads are less than compelling to many buyers and that what they really want is an integrated approach across platforms built around fresh ideas. So what’s best, digital-only or integrated? Don’t get lost in this “either/or” – it’s a myth. It’s all about value, folks. Good or bad, high or low. Period. I think radio buyers can only respond to what’s in front of them, and many of radio’s digital-only doo-dads are not exceptional enough to capture their attention or … [Read more...]


Get Rid of your Station’s Website

Okay, I have just about had it.  Really, I have. I was searching for a station online the other day and I encountered a website so appallingly bad I braced myself in case this URL triggered a rupture in the space/time continuum. Granted, lots of companies have bad websites, but this was B-A-D, folks. Now don’t tell me “well, they are probably short-staffed and can’t devote the attention to their site that it requires.”  That’s just B.S.  If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.  And if you can’t develop a website that solves a problem for your brand, your consumers, and … [Read more...]

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