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“I’ll Have what She’s Having”

Why do what you're doing?  Because everybody else in radio seems to be doing it?  Or because it's the right thing for you and your organization to do? Why jump aboard the iheartradio bandwagon and make your stations available on that platform?  Because every so often there's a news release about another broadcaster who has, or because it's the best way for you to advance your progress in streaming? Why pursue a dedicated mobile app?  Because everybody needs a dedicated mobile app, or because its central to your digital strategy? Why install a deals platform?  Because that's what the … [Read more...]


Is Groupon Evil?

In too many cases, Groupon and various Grouponalikes are destroyers of value.  I'm going to tell you why, then explain why I think deals driven in association with media outlets like yours can do better. Today in my email I find a deal for "71% off a 4-class yoga pass" for $13.  After subtracting the cut to the deal aggregator (which was not Groupon in this case), the studio walks away with just over $1.50 for the same class which normally brings in between $10 and $15. Anyone who thinks it's a smart strategy to drop your prices to almost nothing and crowd out people who are paying full … [Read more...]

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