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Is Social Media for Conversation – or for Broadcasting?

"Social media is for conversations, not broadcasting." That's a common bromide among social media gurus.  But is it true? This matters to traditional broadcasters, because so much of what we do is built for broadcasting - it's built for "one-to-many."  Should we shoot for more conversation or more distribution? Hubspot's Dan Zarella took a closer look at this question: For blogs, "conversation" means "comments."  But Zarella found no significant correlation between the number of comments a blog post received and the amount of traffic that blog got.  Nor did he find a correlation … [Read more...]


The Advantage of “Reach” in a Social Media World

Radio folks talk a lot about the "reach" of radio.  And while "reach" isn't sufficient, it is necessary if your goal is to spread a message far and wide. So says social media scientist Dan Zarella in his terrific new book with a recall-resistent title: Zarrella's Hierarchy of Contagiousness: The Science, Design, and Engineering of Contagious Ideas. What makes a message "go viral"?  Or, in traditional media terms, what allows a message to spread to as many people as possible? The first ingredient, says Zarella, is obviously awareness.  And awareness at scale requires reach, not simply a … [Read more...]


The Science of Social Media

Here's a great video of social media scientist Dan Zarella with a great overview of some of the facts underlying social media. Dan is also author of The Facebook Marketing Book, the ultimate guide to making magic with Facebook. [iframe http://player.vimeo.com/video/19228431?title=0&byline=0&portrait=0 500 281] How do you get ideas to spread?  What kind of ideas do spread? Great advice here not only for marketing with social media but for marketing, period. … [Read more...]


How to Spread your Message

You can learn a lot from Twitter - and not just about Twitter, but also about how to spread messages about anything to anyone any way. Dan Zarella has studied what makes folks share content on Twitter and his takeaways can apply more broadly to any message you want to spread, no matter how you want to spread it. Here are his key points, from Smartblogs.com: Scarcity rules. Tweets that center on news — particularly urgent information — are more likely to be retweeted. Content that is informative or entertaining also spreads well because these qualities are relatively rare. More mundane … [Read more...]

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