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Go Big or Go Home

If you are in Nashville for the Country Radio Seminar, stop by my presentation at 11am on Thursday, February 20. The title: BUILDING A STRONG BRAND NO MATTER WHAT TECHNOLOGY DOES Here's the description: Radio is suffering a crisis of attention. The time spent with radio is declining as attention scatters to sexy alternatives. The solution to this problem is not more social media, better apps, a slicker stream, or some new techno-integration in the auto dashboard. The solution is to understand what "jobs" consumers are "hiring" radio brands for and how easy or hard it is for those "jobs" … [Read more...]


Do Listeners want DJ Blogs on your Website?

From Radio-Info, reporting on research at the Country Radio Seminar: From a country station website, the most loyal (P1) listeners want attributes such as concert schedules for their favorite acts and the ability to listen online. What they don’t particularly want (as primary content) is DJ bios, photos and blogs. Why would anybody want a DJ bio? Yet most stations seem to have them on their websites.  And that's because stations tend to view websites as digital brochures rather than connection points for fans of the brand and its content. As for photos, doesn't it depend on what the … [Read more...]

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