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What Happened to Music FIRST?

And so the critically important fight over music rights fees wears on. Pandora lobbies in favor of the Internet Radio Fairness Act now before Congress so as to make not only its business but the business of every current and future company playing music online more viable (keep in mind, Pandora has yet to turn a profit thanks largely to withering and model-killing rights fees foisted on the industry by the labels). The MusicFIRST coalition (shouldn't it be called LabelsFIRST?) counters that absurdly over-the-top fees are appropriate despite their industry-stifling impact that over the long … [Read more...]


Radio’s Wrong-Headed Performance Royalty Plan

Dear National Association of Broadcasters: I know you guys mean well. ¬†I know you are listening hard to your constituency of broadcasters and trying your best to serve their will. But someone in your esteemed organization needs to stand back and assess what's in the best long-term interests of the medium you are sworn to represent. ¬†Someone at NAB needs to admonish the kids at the broadcaster's dinner table that just because they want a milkshake for dinner doesn't mean it's good for them. Yes, I'm talking about radio's performance royalty plan. I am no expert in this matter, but … [Read more...]

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