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The Hunger Games You Are Not, Radio

It has been a long time since radio broadcasters had sizable ad budgets to work with - a remarkable irony since radio is, after all, in the business of investing the sizable ad budgets of its clients for what broadcasters argue is a quantifiable and worthwhile return. Since then we have relied on bowing our new brands with stunts: Events or circumstances designed to garner attention and trial that give fans more of what they are likely to want - right up until it becomes less of what they are likely to want. Take the introductory-tactic-du-jour: "10,000 songs commercial-free." We know … [Read more...]


What’s Wrong with Radio Advertising?

What's the biggest problem with radio advertising? It's that everybody in the message pipeline - from advertiser to broadcaster to listener - views commercial spots as negatives. How else to explain the silly reaction of Kroger's agency to the term "commercial-free." ┬áIt shines a negative light on the messaging, they argue, even as they (and we) go out of their way to create messaging that deserves that negative light. How to explain that Pandora will run spots - unless you "upgrade" to a "premium" tier for a fee, where the first and most important benefit is "no ads"? In other words, … [Read more...]


Kroger’s Agency is Foolish

From Radio-Info: TRI has a copy of this email from the Kroger agency - "Hello radio partners, a couple weeks ago I had sent out a request for information in regards to your station using the verbiage 'commercial-free.' After much discussion with CB&S/Kroger Corporate, we absolutely cannot have spots running on a station that communicates that it is 'commercial free.' Please let me know as soon as possible that you will stop using this specific verbiage. All other stations across the nation have accommodated this request." It's impossible to know if that last statement is true, but there … [Read more...]

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