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Is NextRadio’s Consumer Enthusiasm a Mirage?

I am stridently pro-consumer. I believe that if we focus on what consumers show us they want, then we will have more consumers, happier consumers, and a healthier business overall. This is the thinking that has driven all my successful audience research efforts for years. So it was with much disappointment that I reviewed the recent research project produced by Coleman Research for NextRadio, financed by the NAB. Coleman has a well-deserved strong reputation, but this deeply flawed research project will add no luster to it. There are two kinds of research: The kind that aims to reveal … [Read more...]


What Matters When the Spots Come On?

I've been on vacation in a remote corner of India, so you'll forgive me for not paying more attention to the recent Coleman study of the impact of spots on listeners and the stations they listen to. Personally, I find these regular studies of the effects of advertising on listenership to be tiresome. Why are we studying what spots do to listeners instead of what spots do for listeners? Why are we trying to convince advertisers that spots still reach audiences rather than convincing them that spots compel audiences to action? Basically, the study indicates that the number of folks … [Read more...]


Yes, Pandora is a Radio Substitute

From Inside Radio: Is Pandora a substitute for radio... or for stored music collections? What impact is the personalized internet radio service having on terrestrial radio usage? To date, no published research survey has asked consumers whether they use Pandora as a substitute for listening to radio or whether it serves as a replacement for listening to music stored on iPods, CDs and other physical media. Not surprisingly, Pandora chief strategy officer Tim Westergren is among those who see the top-rated webcaster as a replacement for terrestrial radio usage. “Fundamentally, we’re all chasing … [Read more...]

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