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Christian Music Radio: 10 Secrets of Success Revealed

Nobody had ever done this before. What if you take the leading programmers to one popular format and ask them a slew of in-depth questions about the way they program their stations, how they conduct fundraising, how they market and what they spend, how they perceive the priorities for their brands, etc? Then what if you correlate all that data with ratings outcomes? This gives you the ability to see what best practices - what "secrets of success" - characterize the highest-rated stations in the format. This past week I was honored to be a featured speaker at the Christian Music … [Read more...]


Christian Radio means “Betterness”

A couple weeks ago I gave a presentation at the Christian Music Broadcasters' Momentum Conference, and the topic could not have been more timely: "Betterness." My argument is that improving the lives of our consumers is the highest calling for any broadcaster - and certainly for any Christian broadcaster.  This is not a generic thing or a symbolic thing.  This is a very specific action that begins with one listener and spreads to her family and her neighborhood (not the other way around). Over time I'll share bits and pieces of the video, but here's an opportunity to view all the slides … [Read more...]


What Business Are You In, Radio?

It's one of the most important and least understood conversations all broadcasters should be having:  What business are you really in? This is a highlight of the recent Christian radio CMB Momentum Conference in Orlando, where I introduce this concept. It's worth noting that the answer for (non-commercial) Christian broadcasters is completely different from the answer for their commercial peers.  I would go so far as to argue that Christian radio is not even in the "radio" business per se. This clip is not specific to a Christian radio audience, however.  It tees up the problem for any … [Read more...]

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