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Watch the Keynote Session for the Worldwide Radio Summit LIVE FRIDAY

It's the kickoff session for the Worldwide Radio Summit, and - in a first for the radio industry - you can watch it LIVE right here! It will be Friday, April 29 - from noon-1:30 (ET)/9-10:30a (PT). Tune in to watch me moderate a roundtable session with some of radio's forward-thinking leaders: BILL MOORE -- CEO TUNEIN RADIO, RADIOTIME GERRIT MEIER -- COO Digital, CLEAR CHANNEL RADIO JOHN DICKEY -- COO, CUMULUS BROADCASTING LEE ABRAMS -- Former Chief Innovation Officer TRIBUNE, Chief Programming Officer XM MIKE AGOVINO -- COO, TRITON MEDIA GROUP You can check in via … [Read more...]


The End of the “Radio Industry”

It has been sneaking up on us for some time, but now the trajectory of the trend is crystal clear:  The end of the "radio industry" is near. Not the end of radio, mind you.  Not by a long shot. I'm talking about the industry of equals who congregate annually at NAB Radio Shows and read the same trade publications and talk to the same peers and, for the most part, have worked in the same business for years. That industry is vanishing before our eyes. Not so long ago, broadcasters shared and borrowed and copied and stole from each other.  A format that worked in one market might very … [Read more...]


Yes, I Can Prove Radio Works for Advertisers

The norm in radio is to pitch 30's or 60's at faceless listeners with largely unmeasurable results. "Did it work?" is rarely the question since most radio sales operations don't care to know (and neither do many agencies). But "most" certainly does not mean "all." And in this age of rampant accountability - an era when return-on-investment is a readily available metric as close as a Google Adword, some broadcasters are offering up something to advertisers that they're not accustomed to seeing from radio: Proof. Proof that their radio buy works. Lurking in the sales pit at … [Read more...]

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