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The Future of Radio Talent – iHeartMedia’s Dennis Clark at hivio

So you think the future of radio is shutting up to play more songs? Think again. Dennis Clark is iHeartMedia's secret weapon when it comes to talent development. In this rare appearance before a U.S. audience at hivio 2015, Dennis talks about the future of talent and how talent is at the heart of radio's and audio's future. Some of the questions Dennis addresses: How do you see the role of talent in radio and audio? What do talents most need to know that they don’t know What is the most common thing talents get wrong? What is “Personality branding”? What do you tell a Ryan … [Read more...]


Why Nothing Changes in Talk Radio

Today, I'm taking a back seat to the inimitable Darryl Parks, a legend in the world of commercial radio spoken word. Darryl has an extraordinarily blunt and insightful perspective on what ails Talk Radio, and you can read it here. A few highlights: I guess I hit close to home with my prior blog post on the Ratings Disaster that is today’s talk radio. The June PPM’s suck for talk radio. Hell. The diary markets coming in are bringing little joy. And many in the talk radio industry just sit back and continue on autopilot with the same hard line conservative narrative hour after hour, ignoring … [Read more...]


After that Radio Job….

It has been a day of dazzling conversations for me on behalf of one non-radio client. From emails and conversations with movie studios, a TV network, major entertainment blogs, and even a Hangout with the folks at Google, it's all about drumming up action surrounding an event - a piece of content. It's a reminder that stars align around worthy content - worthy ideas made real. Activity and ideas and passion and interest are attracted to activity and ideas and passion and interest. Good ideas and the people who make them can sniff each other out. They want to dance together. As … [Read more...]


I’m Going to Stage a Secret Radio Meeting

...much like the one being staged in "secret" at the NAB Radio Show right now. And like that meeting, the purpose of mine is to plot radio's digital future. Because, as we all know, the future of any industry is best mapped out by its leading executives, locked together in a private room with nary a consumer in sight.  Consumers will do what they're told, after all.  The control is all ours! This is how General Motors did it for years! I will make sure only to invite folks who see eye-to-eye with me on the main issues of the day, as I see them.  Troublemakers need not apply. Also … [Read more...]


Pandora at 125 Million

No matter how many or how few listeners are tuned to Pandora at any given moment, 125 million registered users is a whole lot. Think of the registered user count as analogous to the number of people who own radios.  Owning a radio is being "registered to use" radio.  While the Pandora numbers fall far short of radio's "registered" distribution, the numbers move closer by the day. It seems obvious to me that Pandora will become an increasingly attractive alternative for radio's traditional advertisers as radio's reach advantage continues to diminish. Given that streaming is not unique … [Read more...]


Clear Channel’s Terrific New Name

Agita swept over the radio industry at the end of last week as Clear Channel announced that "Clear Channel Radio" is now "Clear Channel Media and Entertainment." This is something that should surprise no one.  I first noticed this "new" name in the email signatures of several Clear Channel execs over the past year. And if you believe a company's category should be shaped by what it does and where it's going rather than what it used to do and what it became famous for, then you might actually call this change long overdue. To anyone who thinks that "what's in a name" doesn't matter, … [Read more...]


You are not in the “Radio Industry”

A couple years ago, radio industry vets would have scoffed at the idea that a leading broadcaster like Radio One would ever consider erasing the word "radio" from its name.  But that is exactly what's on the table for the folks at Radio One who are finding that more of their revenue is coming from local media activities and less of their revenue is coming from radio advertising per se. If and when they make this change it will not constitute "giving up on radio." Rather, it will represent a realization that "radio" today is "media" (specifically, local media). Just as "TV" is "media" and … [Read more...]


Yes, Pandora is “Radio”

It's a question vexing many broadcasters, especially those charged with leading the radio industry: Is Pandora "radio" or is it something else? I'm going to put that to rest right now. Yes, Pandora is "radio."  And you are "Pandora."  Get used to it. That is not to say Pandora is identical to "radio."  Whether or not the two are the same is irrelevant to users, advertisers, and broadcasters alike.  You don't have to be the same as radio to be "radio." You simply have to be used by similar people and similar advertisers for similar purposes. At issue is how we define "radio." … [Read more...]

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