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Radio Spreads the Meaning of Christmas

I'm always on the lookout for great things broadcasters do that make a difference in the lives of their consumers - the things that make radio unlike anything else.  This video came across my email this week and is squarely in that category. Wally is a terrific personality with Christian broadcaster WAY Media and is syndicated to a slew of stations across the country.  Recently, he collaborated with artists TobyMac, Building 429, Sidewalk Prophets, Jamie Grace, Fireflight, Mikeschair, Me In Motion and Sixteen Cities to spread the message of Christmas. This spirited reading of Luke 2 from … [Read more...]


Can Radio Change the World?

One of the media genres I work in regularly is Christian radio. There is something different about a project with Christian format broadcasters from one with more conventional, let alone commercial, broadcasters. And what's different isn't simply the source of funding or the familiarity of the songs on the air. What's different - what's palpable - is that everyone on staff knows the brand stands for something bigger.  And this feeling is generally lacking for most broadcasters in most formats.  But why? Think about it, what does YOUR station stand for that's bigger than the format … [Read more...]


Ideas for Christian Radio – and not just Christian Radio

Here's an interview with me that Doug Hannah was kind enough to post on his site, the Christian Radio Show (and here's the direct mp3 link).As I listen to it again, I must have had my coffee because I was firing on all cylinders.  There's value in this audio to you whether or not you're in the Christian Radio space.So check it out.And discover, among other things, why you should NEVER compare radio to "Black & White TV."And thanks again to Doug Hannah.(You can also pick up the show on iTunes). … [Read more...]

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