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Introducing “Media Unplugged” with Mark Ramsey and Tom Asacker

So what's really going on in media today? What are the critical trends we need to focus on, and what do they mean for our future? It's time to un-spin some of the media hype we take for granted and get to the truth. That's why I'm happy to announce a new podcast. I'm teaming up with legendary brand guru, Fortune 500 advisor, author, and thought leader Tom Asacker for a show we're calling Media Unplugged. Every couple weeks we'll tackle some of the hot topics in media (and not just radio) and try to peel the truth from the spin. In this week's premiere episode, Tom and I talk … [Read more...]


What Radio’s Changing Audience Demos Means for You

As you consider your target audience, don't forget that target keeps moving. And it has profound implications for radio. Check out this chart from Business Insider via WSJ: This chart shows the changes in US demographics (age only) over the past six years. What you're looking at is a slight decline in the overall number of 25-54's (down 1.2%), a more sizable increase among 16-24's (up 3.7%) and a massive increase among those 55 and over - the folks who are traditionally of little to no interest to commercial radio broadcasters (up a huge 19%). That's just in the past six … [Read more...]


A Media Lesson from a Bug

One of my favorite themes is that much of what limits radio's potential is of our own making. When we think too narrowly about what we are as a station, a brand, even an industry, we are assuming not only that things are what they've always been, but we are also assuming things are what they seem. That brings me to this photo of an insect on my car. Is it an insect?  Is it a leaf? The answer is "yes." Things are not what they seem - at least not to this insect's would-be predators. And this insect, thanks to the persuasive power of its environment and its ability to adapt … [Read more...]


How Change will Transform Media

We all know things are changing and changing fast. But what's the best way for broadcasters to cope with that change and leverage it to their advantage? Pip Coburn knows the answer. Pip is head of Coburn Ventures, a change advisor to major investors and corporations worldwide. He's also the author of a book that analyzes the DNA of change and how to leverage it: The Change Function: Why Some Technologies Take Off and Others Crash and Burn. Pip and his team are truly sharp analysts of change, and his way of looking at our world will startle you. Don't think in terms of … [Read more...]

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