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Media Unplugged: Apple is the New Hollywood!

Apple is the new Hollywood! And... You can't fix Twitter. Plus, rants and raves about new products at CES that make perfectly good items too complicated, advice on writing stronger that should be more strongly written, Tom's great new book, "I Am Keats," and more. It’s episode 56 of Media Unplugged with branding authority Tom Asacker and media strategist Mark Ramsey. Listen as we go inside media to reveal the ugly truth! Click the play button below: And if you're reading this by email, click here for the audio. Sample and subscribe to Media Unplugged at iTunes. Or do … [Read more...]


Here’s How Radio Gets MORE Important In Cars

I have written extensively about the challenges radio will have in cars with a dashboard which is built to sync with Apple Carplay and Android Auto. I have also written a lot about what happens to radio when cars drive themselves (hint: It gets ugly). But there's another force out there and it's a force in the other direction. And that force is your own voice. Ford has announced an integration between their Sync platform and Amazon's Alexa voice control system: [Starting] this summer, drivers will be able to talk to Alexa in their Ford vehicle to ask questions, look for destinations, … [Read more...]


Your New Auto Dashboard Debuts This Month

In a preview of CES, The Hollywood Reporter cuts to the chase - the most fundamental reason why the technology of the car dashboard is bound to change no matter what the power players of the radio industry desire: Car buyers—particularly millennials—are no longer as susceptible to the [auto] industry’s traditional marketing tropes of styling, horsepower and handling. Instead, they see the car as an extension of their digital lives, and increasingly demand that it mesh seamlessly with their smart phones, tablets and other personal tech. A Compass Intelligence survey of smart phone-owning … [Read more...]


The End of the “Radio Industry”

It has been sneaking up on us for some time, but now the trajectory of the trend is crystal clear:  The end of the "radio industry" is near. Not the end of radio, mind you.  Not by a long shot. I'm talking about the industry of equals who congregate annually at NAB Radio Shows and read the same trade publications and talk to the same peers and, for the most part, have worked in the same business for years. That industry is vanishing before our eyes. Not so long ago, broadcasters shared and borrowed and copied and stole from each other.  A format that worked in one market might very … [Read more...]


The Most Important Takeaway for Broadcasters from CES

I'm struck by reading the post-mortems about the Consumer Electronics Show in the radio trades - the gist seems to sum up to this:  Faster, HD Radio, faster!  Radio must fight ever-harder to maintain the "share of dashboard" in the cars! These arguments miss the point altogether. The issue is not "HD radio or not."  Nor is it "share of dashboard."  The issue is share of consumer. And share of consumer requires being in the traffic path each and every consumer wants to travel in, not building specialized detours and off-ramps that suit the industry at large but are indifferent to the … [Read more...]

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