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“Radio Rocks My Phone” Strains Credibility

This is not a post about the wisdom of FM chips in mobile phones.  I wrote that post already last year and absolutely nothing significant has changed my view since then, nor the facts supporting it. Nor has the resistance to this wrong-headed industry initiative changed. Indeed, it has deepened over time.  And that resistance has been met with an increasingly shrill effort by NAB to lobby Congress and broadcasters and create the impression that they're lobbying consumers. I say "create the impression" because the tangible effort illustrated in NAB's new "Radio Rocks My Phone" campaign is … [Read more...]


Now who Rules the Air?

Hint:  It's not Verizon. A picture is worth more than a thousand words. There's nothing "hot" about this air. As an industry we need to get our heads around this one critical truth: The torch has been passed.  The baton is no longer in your hand.  You are not in control. You don't rule the air.  You are merely the custodian for whatever attention the rulers of the air choose to give you. Now and forevermore. … [Read more...]


The Day After FM chips come to Mobile Phones…

What happens to your world if FM radio chips are installed on mobile phones? Not much, probably.  But here are two unintended consequences to consider. For a full blow-by-blow look at the implications for FM chips in mobile phones, read this. … [Read more...]


Everything you Need to Know about FM Radio Chips in Mobile Phones and NextRadio

Will FM be built into every mobile phone near you? Only time will tell.  But let's consider some common questions and answers related to this possibility, all from my perspective. As the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for. Question:  With FM on mobile phones I will no longer need to stream my content, right? Think of the money I'll save! Answer:  Wrong.  The purpose of streaming existing and new content via the Internet is not just to be present on mobile devices but to provide the heart of a broader brand experience attractive to consumers and advertisers alike. Dumping … [Read more...]

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