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The Power of Audio Storytelling

Robert McKee is a teacher of Story and author of the classic book Story. Style, Structure, Substance and the Principles of Screenwriting. Past students of Mr. McKee's include people like Peter Jackson, Russell Brand, Jimmy Fallon, Julia Roberts, Geoffrey Rush, Kirk Douglas, David Bowie, Meg Ryan, John Cleese, and many more. McKee is hosting an event on how to use story in business called Storynomics on March 19 in LA. I’ll be there. So should you. Click below to watch our Q&A: What follows is a highly edited transcript of our conversation. Ramsey: For those of us in business, … [Read more...]


The Booming Business of Podcasting – PodcastOne’s Rob Greenlee

Just how big is podcasting, and how are consumers and advertisers embracing the platform? That was the topic I covered with PodcastOne's Rob Greenlee in this spectacular conversation from hivio, the audio future festival. At about the halfway point, we're joined by "Randall," the hilarious YouTube icon famous for "badass" honey badger videos (Randall had a podcast running on PodcastOne at the time). Rob answers these and other questions: Just how popular are podcasts? There are a zillion podcasts and lots of ways to consume them. Where does PodcastOne fit in? Metrics – Where are … [Read more...]


What Should AM Radio Do?

In this short video, I spell out what AM should do to continue to thrive. Hint: The answer's not going to come from our friends in Washington D.C. What does it mean to be in the "AM Radio Business" - and is that even the one you're in? I think we're asking ourselves the wrong questions and, as a result, getting the wrong answers. Prefer audio? Try this: [jwplayer mediaid="10310"] Download Audio (You can subscribe to all the MRM video and audio via iTunes and get the goodies before everybody else. You can also get advance notice of this content if you "like" MRM on … [Read more...]


Dave Ramsey on the Future of Radio’s Business Model

As the demands of radio’s business change – as advertisers look beyond ratings to effectiveness - how should broadcasters adapt? That’s the question I put to Dave Ramsey, host of the nationally syndicated Dave Ramsey Show, which is heard on more than 500 radio stations throughout the US and Canada. Dave’s also an author, television host, and speaker. Listen to our full conversation - it's a must-hear if you're on radio's business side: [iframe … [Read more...]


Is it Time to Stop “Owning a Word”?

Back in the day, Ries & Trout galvanized broadcasters by preaching the power of the "word." Own one, they advised.  Just one. This played well with a broadcasting audience for obvious reasons - we were and largely are in the audio business, and messaging in that business continues to be driven by words (I happen to think it should be driven more by sounds, but that's a topic for another post). CUT TO: PRESENT DAY Ries & Trout begat Ries & Ries, helmed by Al Ries's daughter Laura.  And Laura's new book, Visual Hammer. Her pitch: Al and I have been preaching about the … [Read more...]


What you Stand for is Bigger than Radio

Recently, Malaysia's BFM, a business radio station, interviewed me about developments in radio - what's changed and what's about to change. This is one of those rare opportunities for me to speak about radio from an international perspective, although still focusing on where radio is headed here at home in the US. Here are some of the elements we focus on: What are the consequences of "everyone as media company"? How can radio continue to stay relevant? What are the challenges posed by new players like Pandora and Spotify? How will radio adapt to this new competition? Is … [Read more...]


What Business is Radio In?

Everyone knows the old story of how the the railroad business faltered because they thought they were in the railroad business rather than the transportation business.  Yet the lesson of that story is lost on many broadcasters today. In fact, the lesson is worse than lost.  Because many broadcasters see themselves not even as being in the radio business.  Instead, they think they are in the "making money" business. The problem is that there is no "making money" business.  You don't attract clients because you want to make money.  You don't attract consumers because you want to make … [Read more...]

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