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Better Listen to Saul

In the latest episode of the excellent Re/code Media Podcast, host Peter Kafka (who will be onstage talking media with me at hivio in June) interviewed Peter Gould, the co-creator of TV's Better Call Saul, a terrific show and the spinoff to the amazing Breaking Bad. One thing Peter said stuck with me: "The job of each episode is to make you want to watch the next episode." You bet it is. But if you're a DJ, do you see that as your job? Is it the job of every break to make listeners want to tune in the next break? Or is it the job of every break to sell some stuff and get back to … [Read more...]


Why Isn’t Radio Breaking Bad?

It's in the air, part of the zeitgeist - it's Breaking Bad. And like all phenomena which own the Twitterized water cooler for one brief, shining moment, it's what folks want to talk about - a lot - right up until it's over. Look at how this moment is being captured and capitalized on in unconventional ways: Social platform Path.com has created Breaking Bad avatars - available for sale in the platform's store (ka-ching!) Two lucky contest winners were able to ride with star Bryan Cranston in an RV wearing Hazmat suits to the season premiere. Yes! iTunes has dozens of podcasts … [Read more...]


How to Launch New Content Successfully

In the race to kickoff something new with maximum success, look no further than AMC and its new hit series Rubicon. Rubicon is AMC's biggest series debut ever.  It follows in the wake of previous successes Mad Men and Breaking Bad. So how did the AMC folks make this such a successful bow? Well, for starters they provided a full length sneak peak of episode one on the tail end of the season wrap-up of Breaking Bad.  Not only that, but if you DVR'd Breaking Bad like I did, the sneak episode of Rubicon was actually "hidden" in the Breaking Bad recording.  So you didn't need to look for … [Read more...]

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