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Clear Channel’s Terrific New Name

Agita swept over the radio industry at the end of last week as Clear Channel announced that "Clear Channel Radio" is now "Clear Channel Media and Entertainment." This is something that should surprise no one.  I first noticed this "new" name in the email signatures of several Clear Channel execs over the past year. And if you believe a company's category should be shaped by what it does and where it's going rather than what it used to do and what it became famous for, then you might actually call this change long overdue. To anyone who thinks that "what's in a name" doesn't matter, … [Read more...]


Is Radio’s Future Pandora’s Present?

Will the future of radio be personalizable, like Pandora? No. But with an audience craving music and happy to tailor and tweak that experience to their liking, there's no question that personalizable music content is one area sorely lacking in radio's arsenal, and the glaring absence of this feature is why Pandora has 80 million registered users, tons of glowing publicity, and a cascade of integration deals with automakers and other consumer electronics manufacturers. Bob Pittman recently mentioned this as one obvious tactic for Clear Channel's evolution in the years to come, and any … [Read more...]

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